Ordering Prints

Open edition prints are available for sale through the website store (SmugMug) for several print sizes. These prints can be ordered directly online and will be shipped directly to your address. When you click on one of my images on this website, it will offer you an option to purchase prints online. Options include standard paper, several premium fine art papers, or wall décor printed or mounted on canvas, metallic, wood, or acrylic. SmugMug guarantees your satisfaction with the prints. The standard paper is an excellent choice and less expensive, although I often print on certain fine art paper.

For a premium, select images are available as signed limited edition prints printed on fine art archival paper. These should be ordered through me, the photographer, so I may proof the color and print quality personally. I will then sign and number your print before reshipping the print to you. These may also be ordered matted and /or framed. This type of order will necessarily have a longer turn-around time. Inquiries are welcome.

Both open edition and limited edition prints are printed through one of the top professional print labs I use, typically Bay Photo or White House Custom Colour. I have found these to be less expensive than some local print labs in some cases. 

I recommend in most cases that you choose a print size that matches the aspect ratio of the image, the ratio between the height and width of the image. For example, images in a ratio of 2:3 or 4:5 would match an 8”x12” or 8”x10” print size respectively, or to correspondingly larger dimensions. There are a few oddball image ratios in the gallery such as 16:9. A different size ratio would result in a cropped photograph, which sometimes will work quite well and may be preferred, but not always. During the purchase process the store will automatically show you the cropping effect if it is necessary and will allow you to adjust the image position or select another size. Also due to limitations in the size and resolution of some images, certain large print sizes may not be recommended for smaller images. Please call if you have any questions.

If purchasing through the online store operator (SmugMug), please refer any issues to them initially as they have experience in resolving printing issues. They will involve me if necessary.  (See the store for details.) Otherwise, feel free to contact me with questions or for recommendations. The store operator and I guarantee your satisfaction and will work with you to resolve any issues or have the work reprinted as necessary. Please see the stores guarantee for more detail.

Inquiries are welcome and I am happy to work with you to get you just the right print. Thank you very much for your interest in purchasing a print of my photography.

Yours Truly,

Shane Morrison


(719) 352-6492 (mobile)

Copyright Protection

Please be advised that all my photographs are protected under United States and international copyright laws. Written permission must be obtained before using any of my photographs for social media, paintings, tattoos, blogs, websites, wallpaper, screenshots etc. Crediting the source of the copyrighted photograph does not substitute for written permission. The photographs may not be downloaded or copied for personal, commercial or educational use without express written permission from the photographer or unless a download is purchased and licensed through this authorized site.

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