Shane Morrison

Shane in Yellowstone


Ever since I was young, I have been interested in animals and their behavior. I studied biology in college and worked as a bio-technician in bio-research and animal behavior labs, a veterinary hospital, and medical center. I also did field research in ecology. It's a long story, but my career later turned to computer science working on space systems as a computer systems and software engineer. 

Now retired, I still spend much of my time studying biology, in particular, the phylogenetic and ecological basis of animal behavior. I also spend much of my time in the outdoors directly observing and photographing wildlife in nature. I consider myself as much a naturalist and explorer as a photographer. Being a good naturalist is essential to finding and observing wildlife.

About My Photography

My portfolio of images captures a photographic record of the natural history of some of our planet’s animals and the wild places in which they live. My  goal as a photographer is to capture both scenes of grandeur and intimacy. In my landscapes, I try to create scenes that show the scale and beauty of nature. With wildlife photography I try to capture the behavior of animals going about their daily lives. I attempt to depict animals in the context of their habitat,  yet still portray them as individuals. And I hope to capture a sense of the intimate connection between animals as they interact. While some of these moments may be commonplace in the lives of animals, people rarely get to see them.

The places I photograph may be found in a wilderness area, wildlife refuge, national or regional park, ranch, farm, or backyard. These are all important and valuable natural places, which should be preserved through good stewardship on our part. I hope my photographs will engage viewers in a way that deepens their appreciation for the natural beauty of wild places, the diversity of wildlife, and the importance of conservation.

Publications and Awards

Shane has had several photographs published both in print and on the web by Colorado Outdoors Magazine, The Nature Conservancy,  Colorado Country Life magazine, Denver Audubon Society, the Wyoming Outdoor Council, North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA) Expressions Journal, and in the book Shoot the Frame  – International Photography Awards, 2018 and 2020.

His photographs have won several awards in competitions including Top 250 Winner in NANPA Showcase Photography Competition for Conservation Category, Top 250 Winner in Audubon Denver's Share the View – International Nature Photography Competition, 8 Honorable Mentions in Share the View,(2021), twice Judge’s Choice Finalist in The Nature Conservancy International Competition (2019), a sixteen-time monthly finalist in Shoot the Wild or Shoot the Land – Shoot the Frame International Competition, first and second places for Interactions Category in the Rocky Mountain Field Institute (RMFI) photo competition 2018, second place Landscape Category in Colorado Country Life Magazine 2020,  third place for Seasons Category in Colorado Country Life Magazine 2018, first and three second places in Cheyenne Mountain State Park 2018 Photo Contest (Colorado), Wyoming Outdoor Council Calendar winner 2020, Mountain View Electric Association Calendar winner 2019, 2020, and 2021, including cover in 2021, among others.

He has had his work exhibited at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Bristol Brewing at the Ivywild School, Colorado Springs, and the Denver Audubon Colorado Photographers Gala displayed on the IMAX theater.


Shane Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics and biology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He has a Masters of Science in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Santa Clara. And he has taken numerous advanced classes in computing, systems engineering, space sciences, biology, data analysis, operations, and management.

He has had training as an ecologist and naturalist including field seminars with the Montana Natural History Center, Yellowstone Institute, Yellowstone Wolf Trackers, A Yellowstone Life, A Naturalist's World, Rocky Mountain Conservancy, and Fly Fishers International. This training has focused on natural history, ecology, and behavioral ecology. Topics include genetics, systematics (phylogenetics), developmental biology, behavior and operant conditioning,  animal communications, and the biology and ecology of mammals, in particular large and small carnivores. He's also studied birds of prey (hawks and owls), corvids (especially ravens), fish (esp.  trout), and aquatic entomology (insects). He has taken field seminars on snow tracking and observing and managing wildlife.

Shane has completed numerous courses and workshops on general photography, landscape photography, astrophotography, wildlife photography, and post-processing with Adobe Photoshop, Light Room, and Topaz.

Shane is also a fly fishing instructor and Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) with Fly Fishers International. He is the Fly Casting Director at Pikes Peak Flyfishers. He has taken, as well as taught, numerous courses in fly fishing and fly casting with single and two-handed fly rods over the last 17 years.

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